Mr. Farassino Alessandro (Partner)

General Manager
"Managing Director for Progesub Gulf"

Born in Genova 13/08/1947
Graduated from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. During over 35 years working experience in Diving and Marin Services he has founded several companies still operating in the international offshore as well as in the national and EU Community inshore, acquiring an exstensive experience in Commercial Diving in the maritime field especially in the construction and maintenance of harbor works such as piers, docks and marinas in general.


Mr. Liello Marco (Partner)

Commercial Manager
"Executive Director for Progesub Gulf"

Born in Rome 14/02/1963
Extreme flexible commercial expertise in many fields ranging from real estate constructions to the yachting industry always with a keen eye on sales and marketing. Over 30 years working in different environments and geographical areas with multilingual knowledge in various countries as the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Has founded and directed many companies all within the scope of bringing to market new opportunities and directed teams of up to 250 persons. Currently based in Dubai in order to follow directly the Gulf Area.


Mrs. Mazzoni Cecilia (Partner)

Financial Manager

Born in Roma 01/10/1958
Mathematician, graduated from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. Since 1983 she has gained extensive experience both as a analyst responsible for projects relating to banking procedures and budget managements and as manager responsible, in companies with capillary sales network, for the administrative management of sales agents and retail sales channels, ensuring the proper fulfilment of related contracts.


Mr. Favaloro Marco

Operations Manager (Diving Superintendent)

Born in Palermo 22/06/1962
Graduated to the Technical Institute of Naval School. He was Sergeant of the Special Corps of the Italian Navy ( Com.Sub.In. ), where He took Professional Diving Qualification. During over 30 years working experience in Commercial Diving ( Inshore and Offshore ), He has held the position of : Air and Mix gas Diver, N.D.T. Inspector, L.S.T. ( life support technician ), Air and Bell Diving Supervisor, Diving Superintendent, Operation Coordinator and Site Manager for different Companies and in many Countries such as : Italy, Spain, Qatar, Nigeria, Emirates, Iran, Croazia, Egypt, Turkey and Libya. In 2012, He took charge as the Operations Manager of Progesub Italia, a position he still holds till date.


Mr. Sbordoni Fabio

Consulting Engineer

Born in Albano (Roma) 24/07/1955
Hydraulic Civil Engineer, graduated from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. Over thirty years of experience in the field of marine designer and construction . Director of private or public works in the maritime field for refinery, petroleum chemistry, Ministry and other public Italian offices. Expert of floating equipment management for marine works . Several years of experience in marinas management.


Mr. Di Mambro Domenico

Quality and Safety Coordinator

Born in Vallemaio (Frosinone) 19/06/1949
Graduated to the Industrial Technical Institute. Design, development and implementation of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Maintaining UNI EN ISO for companies. Human Resources Management. Qualifying suppliers. Head of Safety Prevention and Protection (RSPP), Safety Coordinator, Fire Prevention Enabled. Freelancer work in construction companies, engineering, trade and maritime. Member of the safety commission UNI, Member of safety commission National Council freelancer, Vice President of the Provincial Council free lancer.